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35 - 55 km of Sea and Plateau



We depart from Puerto Pirámides, ready to explore the most beautiful and densely populated wildlife fields of the region (guanacos, Patagonian rheas, maras, foxes). After crossing dunes and pedaling along trails, we arrive at the Field Station of the San Pablo De Valdés Reserve. There, the park ranger who cares for the field greets us to share insights about the work conducted by the WILDLIFE FOUNDATION in this area. Next, we'll take a path that leads to an exciting descent down to the beaches of Punta Alt. Whale skeletons will frequently come into view during this part of the journey.

From now on, we begin the return journey, which follows the coast entirely, passing by the Sea Lion Colony of Punta Alt, solitary pebble-covered beaches, Playa Colombo, and Playa Pardelas. Throughout this expedition, we'll witness all the fauna of the Valdés Peninsula, both terrestrial and aquatic (Southern Right Whales and sea lions reigning over the landscape). We'll take breaks at different points along the tour to refresh, have lunch, and swim in the sea.

This is one of the most beautiful and comprehensive tours that Tracción a Sangre offers. It's not for everyone, but nobody has regretted doing it.

It's the most sustainable and healthy way to explore the Golfo Nuevo.


  • Short option 35 km. 

  • Full Tour deparing from Puerto Pirámides - 55 km

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