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6hs Tour - 25-30 km



We depart from Puerto Pirámides fully equipped for adventure. Just a few kilometers away, we encounter gigantic sand dunes contrasting with the blue sea that bathes the shores. Our adventure continues along Guanaco trails, descending through ravines to reach the sandbanks of Punta Pardelas, where we'll witness the most beautiful landscapes of our journey. Whales just meters from the coast, fossils of marine life from millions of years ago, natural pools (during summer, you can enjoy coastal snorkeling in them).

If you choose the longer version of this tour, we'll head to the Playa Colombo viewpoint, then embark on a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping descent that concludes at the "Cave of Fossils" (usually, we have lunch in the shade inside the cave). We'll then continue alongside the sea along the beach, where we usually encounter whale skeletons. Once we arrive at Playa Pardelas, we'll enjoy its tranquil and crystal-clear waters. Pardelas is a place that undoubtedly surprises with so much beauty condensed into one beach. Additionally, you'll see many Southern Right Whales close to the coast, along with appearances by sea lions and penguins.

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