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My name is Mario Gadda, and I am a knowledgeable baqueano guide in Mountain Biking in the Province of Chubut. Since 1995, I have been living in Puerto Pirámides, Península Valdés. Since choosing this place to live, I have dedicated myself to exploring the corners of this natural paradise, whether it's on a bike, in a kayak, snorkeling, or simply walking. Always seeking to go further, to places where I could be alone in the midst of nature, observing Southern Right Whales from a cliff, herds of guanacos from a dune, and schools of fish in natural pools.

Over time, I decided to become a guide for the area and share my experiences with visitors, and later seek new destinations. That's how one day we surveyed the CHUBUTENSE PLATEAU and organized different events in Piedra Parada-Gualjaina and Los Altares. We also surveyed areas to later hold an event in the "BAHÍA BUSTAMANTE", the Marine Natural Park in "BAHÍA CREEK" (Río Negro) and in "PATAGONIA AZUL NATIONAL PARK" Camarones, Chubut.

But this doesn't end here, because we will continue exploring places that are of geological interest and protected natural areas and/or national parks.

We will take you to those landscapes where you can lose yourself in geological eras, where incredible sunsets happen, where the desert's color palette blends with the sea and rivers. While you marvel at all this, you can enjoy an amazing ride.

I invite you to explore the Patagonia Argentina with me, with Tracción a Sangre.

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