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3hs Tour - 15 km


This short expedition has various versions, and the choice will depend on the weather and customer preferences. In one of them, we can spot sea lions in a colony teeming with specimens amidst spectacular cliffs and sandbanks, where we can witness landscape erosion caused by natural forces.

In another version, our farthest destination from the village will be the Playa Colombo viewpoint, which we'll reach through Guanaco trails. There, we'll embark on a short trek that will reveal a breathtaking view of the beach and the gulf.

Whichever route we take, we'll traverse gigantic sand dunes that change shape every day. We'll pass by the cemetery lost in the dunes of the former inhabitants who worked in the salt flats of the Valdés Peninsula.

In both routes, we'll arrive at "the caves," where we'll embark on one of the most beautiful trekking trails in the area, along cliff edges and with Southern Right Whales very close to us. During summer, we can enjoy refreshing swims in natural pools and even have the opportunity for snorkeling.

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