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 We depart from Puerto Piramides equipped for the journey. As we cycle a few kilometres, we come across with enormous dunes and its contrast with the blue sea that laps the coasts. Our adventure continues in guanaco´s paths, descents through “cañadones” to reach the restingas of Punta Pardelas, where we could see the most beautiful landscapes of our trip, whales a few metres from the coast, fossils of millions of years and natural pools (in summer you can enjoy them doing snorkelling in them). Once we arrive to Playa Pardelas, we will enjoy its tranquil and transparent waters. It is a place that without doubts will surprise you due to have such a beauty in only one place, apart from seeing southern right whales playing, can also appear sea lions and penguins.  


Distance: 25 -30 kms / Duration: 6 hours /difficulty : medium

Includes: All equipment , hydratation  ,snack and box lunch .

Recommended season: All the year.

Cost :        U$ 110  each person                            




In this trip we could watch the sea lions colony full of specimens between outstanding cliffs and restingas (spits) where we can see the erosion of the scenery caused by natural forces. From there we will continue to the caves, going through giant dunes, we go past through a cemetery of old inhabitants who used to work here in the Salinas of Peninsula Valdes. Once in the caves, we will take one of the most beautiful trekking paths of the place, along the edge of the cliffs with the whales very close to us. Also in summer we could enjoy refreshing baths in natural pools.   



Distance: 15 kms / Duration: 2 hours /difficulty : low

Includes: All equipment , hydratation  and snack .

Recommended season: All the year.

Cost :         U$ 60 each person                            



We depart from Puerto Piramides, ready to go round the most beautiful fields of the region and more densely populated of terrestrial fauna (guanacos, patagonic ñandues, maras, foxes). After going through dunes and cycle in natural paths, we arrive to the Field Station of SAN PABLO DE VALDES, there we are welcomed by the ranger who takes care of the place, and tells us a little about all the work done by the Foundation VIDA SILVESTRE there. From then on, we start our way back to town. We cycle all along the coast, going past through Punta Alt (a sea lions colony), river stone deserted beaches, Colombo beach, Pardelas beach. In this trip we will be able to appreciate all the fauna of Peninsula Valdes, aquatic (whales, sea lions) as well as terrestrial (guanacos being the main attraction).


Information about San Pablo

Distance: 55 kms / Duration: All the day /difficulty : medium - high

Includes: All equipment , hydratation  ,snack and box lunch .

Recommended season: All the year.

Cost :         U$ 130  each person                            



Going to the north part of Peninsula, we head to San Jose Gulf. Our first stop is at Playa Blanca (named this way due to the amount of clam shells that the sea deposits on its shore). There we will watch different species of birds. After that we will go pass through Playa Larralde, where we will visit the settlement of fishermen or “marisqueros”. An incredible place where a few families develop this activity thanks to what the sea offers to them. We continue to Playa Villarino and Cañadon Encantado, where you could cycle and be aware of the passing of time, through the different traces of geological eras, finding in our way marine fossils, dating of millions of years ago, when the sea covered Peninsula Valdes. Being this a coastal tour, it is the ideal trip to be in company of right whales. We will also visit a small sea lions colony. As we cycle, we will have on one side the coast and on the other the typical Patagonian steppe with lots of guanacos, maras and choiques.


Distance: 55 kms / Duration: all the day /difficulty : medium - high

Includes: All equipment , hydratation  ,snack and box lunch .

Recommended season: All the year.

Cost :         U$  130  each person                            



We depart from Puerto Piramides by car with our bikes and all the necessary equipment for the trip. After driving 35 km approx., we take our bikes and start cycling towards Salina Chica, where we will go round this unique and stunning place in Peninsula, where the rosy colour of the salt will leave you speechless. Then we will continue by car to Punta Delgada, where we will have lunch and a guided hike along the most beautiful cliffs of Peninsula. Then we will go down to the beach close to the sea elephants, together with a specialized guide of the place, and continue by bike to the east part of Punta Delgada, where the movie “El Faro de las Orcas” was filmed. We will visit different settings that appear in the film, walk through different paths with views to the sea lion and sea elephant colonies, always guided by the ranger of the place. Finally we leave our bikes and our trip by car coming back to Puerto Piramides.

We could also watch terrestrial fauna such as choiques, maras, guanacos, piches and foxes during our journey.


Distance: 26 kms / Duration: All the day /difficulty : medium

Includes: All equipment , hydratation  and snack . Lunch is not included (if you wish you can have lunch in the restaurant of Punta Delgada).

Recommended season:  From september to march .

Cost :        U$  130  each person                            

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