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Cycling in Bahia Bustamante 

                 march , 2017


                     BAHIA BUSTAMANTE TRIP


This is your chance to get to know one of the most beautiful places in Patagonia. A place where in the fifties existed a town that was exclusively dedicated to algae collection and nowadays all that infrastructure survived from the passing of time, immersed in an incredible scenery. You will get lost in time while we have dinner in the old “pulperia”, where you could enjoy of the typical and special gastronomy, which makes use of the algae that is obtained there. You will wake up with the sound of the sea, since the town is located almost on the beach. Unique sensations in a place that speaks for itself.

For a weekend we will be the only inhabitants of Bahia Bustamante, just us and the sounds of nature…

Joining us will be Mafias Soriano (the owner), his people and marine fauna that will fascinate you.


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 Mountain Bike y Trekking en Peninsula Valdes 

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